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„Lotty is a fantastic teacher – very experienced and professional, the lessons are always a very good mix of structure/grammar and free conversation. She is a language talent, speaking also excellent German and French, and able to draw great parallels to help me as a student. And it is just fun to learn Dutch with her, the lessons give me a lot of energy and confidence to go out and practice in daily life!“


“My Dutch learning objectives are two-fold: (1) Reach A2 level for speaking, writing, reading and listening so that I can pass my inburgering exams for my Dutch permanent residency and (2) Improve in the future to B1 level or better for speaking and listening so that I can interact more with native Dutch speakers.

I spent a week at the Regina Coeli language institute in Vught to help me with these goals but also contracted with Lotty for 20 private language lessons starting three months ahead of that.

With three Dutch language lessons remaining, Lotty consistently is excellent: responsive, patient, flexible thorough, strict with grammar, etc. She has provided the right mix of vocabulary, grammar, speaking, listening, reading and writing exercises. As a result, I had a successful week at Regina Coeli and have confirmed that I passed three of my five inburgering exams (still waiting for the results of the other two).

I highly recommend Lotty as a teacher for those who want to improve their Dutch language skills. I am pleased with her as my instructor. Thank you.”


For more information and prices, please send a message to lottypalthe@hotmail.com

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