Dutch in a Year

Learning & Fun

Over Lotty Palthe

F u n – F l e x i b i l i t y – G r a m m a r – D i a l o g u e s – H o m e w o r k !

Teacher: Lotty Palthe

Born in Delft and now teaching for over 35 years as a qualified teacher in different languages: Dutch, French and German. Also studied Italian and some basic Arab. In the lessons for beginners I explain the grammar in English to make things more clear and I make a lot of bridges between languages. In the 90’s we lived abroad: in this way I realize how someone could experience the first year in another country.

It is a real privilege and pleasure meeting so many kind and interesting people from very different cultures: geo-physicians, north pole captains, mathematicians, managers, academic career trackers, strategicians, controllers, translators-interpreters, bankers ..

I think the important thing in teaching is based on lots of pleasure and instruction, like they said a long time ago. Other activities: I gave many wine classes as a sommelier, music (saxophone).

What matters to me in the class room?

Flexibility in time: there is always another moment to meet. Also in place. And in the learning: when some subjects might be difficult, I will bring other material for training and better understanding.

When desired, extra private lessons are an option. Students can send me any time questions by mail or app.

Grammar: very important to build a structure, especially with the ‘different’ order in Dutch. Discussions are from all times: should we teach grammar or not? For me there is no doubt.

Home work: I need you! In order to get you to a higher level you should study 3 – 5 hours per week.